A STYLE expert has shared seven fashion hacks that she says will make you look 10 years younger without putting in much effort.

These tips were designed for women over 50 who want to shave a decade off their age but also don't want to look like they're trying to look too young.

From the YouTube channel Shopping On Champagne, Nancy Queen revealed that these hacks aren't intended for women to relive their college years but to prevent them from looking "frumpy" and "aged."

Comfortable Shoes

Queen, who is 55, shared one of the hacks for women to buy comfortable yet stylish shoes.

"You don't have to succumb to ugly shoes to be comfortable," Queen said.

She advised buying only shoes that offered one attribute or the other when there are many offerings with both.

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The YouTuber showed photos of sandals with vibrant colors and unique designs to give her subscribers ideas on how they could upgrade their shoe collection.

Choosing the right pant length

Queen advised against choosing pants that stop at your calves.

"That's the widest part of your leg," Queen said. "It's gonna highlight it by adding weight and making you look frumpier."

Instead, she suggests buying pants that are ankle length. This trick will highlight the skinniest part of your leg instead of the biggest.

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"This gives you a younger and more youthful appearance," Queen said.

Wearing the correct bra size

For the third hack, Queen recommends avoiding buying the comfort stretch bras since they don't offer much support.

Queen tells her audience to get fitted for updated bra sizes and find comfortable fitting ones.

This hack will make your clothes fit better and your body look better, she says.

Large Jewelry

"Stop wearing the statement jewelry," Queen said in the video.

Queen backs up her statement by explaining that today's fashion is influenced by sophistication, so wearing thinner necklaces, rings, and earrings will make you look younger.

"It will refine your look and give you a younger and updated appeal if you scale back on your statement jewelry," Queen said.

Avoid wearing the color black often

The color black can be a harsh color to wear as you age, she added..

"It will show under-eye circles, lines, and it ages you," Queen said.

She advises wearing the color in moderation while adding different color clothing pieces into your wardrobe.

Nude Pantyhose

Another item that should be tossed from your closet, according to Queen, is nude pantyhose.

While Queen understands that some women may be uncomfortable with their natural legs, she explains that pantyhose don't fit in with the overall style of today's society.

Instead of covering up your legs, she recommends embracing them no matter their condition.

Running shoes

The content creator also recommends not to wear running shoes unless you are doing physical activity.

"If you want a more updated, modern, and refreshed look, don't pair your athletic sneakers with your jeans or skirt," Queen said.

She advises wearing plain white shoes instead.

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