ACHIEVING a close shave can feel like an impossible task, particularly when it comes to your armpits.

By making a few simple changes to your shaving routine, you can avoid ingrown hairs and skin irritation.

TikTok user Amber Castoreno, known to her followers as Amber Fashion, shared her top tips for getting a perfect armpit shave.

Amber advised viewers to opt for men's razors over women's as they generally provide a closer shave.

For her next tip, Amber warned her followers about the dangers of using a rusted razor.

"A rusty razor can be dangerous and lead to razor burn, bumps, and possibly infection," she said.

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She explained in the comments that she was previously guilty of using rusted razors until a friend contracted an infection from the unhygienic practice.

Amber also recommended buying razors with a lubrication strip to allow for a smoother shave.

The TikToker also told her followers to only shave with a wet razor, as dry shaving can irritate the skin.

"Next, for a smoother shave use either soap or shaving cream," she advised for the same reason.

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Amber's final tip for a close shave might be unexpected to most viewers.

"It’s so important to shave with the grain, not against, cause you can get ingrown hairs," she explained.

The TikTok user concluded by telling her followers that "hyperpigmentation is normal."

Amber's followers took to the TikTok comments section to share their thoughts on the helpful tips.

"Don't buy women's razors, because of the pink tax get men's razors, they're cheaper," advised one user.

"I’ve always said men's razors are much better than the ones made for females!!" agreed a second person.

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Another viewer said: "Instead of soap conditioner works really well! Especially for legs."

"My mam always said to use conditioner instead of shaving cream because it makes it smoother," wrote one of Amber's followers.

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