THE days of everyone sticking to traditional baby names is pretty much over.

But with some of the new cute and quirky names come some that are just plain old awful, at least according to professional name consultant, Steph, who rated some the worst ones.

Looking at the a list of 'the 100 worst baby names' Steph picked out some of the worst ones, and didn't hold back with her opinions.

The name 'Abcde' (pronounced ab-si-dee) was an immediate no, for the pro, "It's a one out of 10 because it's so uncreative," she said.

Sticking with A-names, 'Alphabeta' was also on the list and one of the worst options, according to Steph.

And although 'Erica' is a common name, spelling it 'Airwreka' will ensure your kids stands out from the crowd, but probably for all the wrong reasons.

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"This is a strong no from me, it's a one out of 10," the name guru quipped as she revealed the next name on the list, which was 'Babyboy'.

She continued: "Babyboy is a description, and what if they come to you and tell you they don't identify as a boy?"

And even if you love the fruit, it's probably not a good idea to name your newborn 'Banana'.

Steph said: "It's just too phallic for me, for any kid."

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Another food-themed name on the list, 'Burger' left viewers in hysterics.

But Steph divided opinions when she revealed the next name on the list and confessed that she actually loves it.

So if you're planning to name your baby 'Brick', you know at least one person will like it.

"I love this name, I've suggested it to people," she admitted.

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Not everyone was as convinced though, one person said: "Brick! I wouldn't be able to hold back a laugh if someone said they were called Brick."

And a seconded commented: "I hate that spelling of Erica!!"

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