MOST people think having one set of twins is enough of a handful… but one mega-mum has had THREE.

Kim Alarcon’s brood is ten kids strong and includes three sets of twins, making their home a “circus”.

The 38-year-old and her husband John, 43, could have never imagined their family would grow to its current size when they had their first daughter 18 years ago. 

Now, it takes her an hour to leave the house in the morning and she spends over £1,000 on groceries every month. 

Kim revealed that people assume she is on benefits and using food stamps to keep her family afloat – but this is far from the truth.

She said: “It’s heartbreaking because I suffer from self-esteem issues. 

“It hurts, it really does. 

“And to be honest, with the welfare, we don’t even qualify.

“If you need it and you qualify, get it.”

The hairstylist worked full-time hours through all of her pregnancies and John had a successful career as a detective which he is receiving a pension for.

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Kim added: “I was travelling doing hair while pregnant just so my family could have food and the lights could stay on.

“Trust me, we do struggle.”

She also runs a customization business called Kimmies Creations and uses it to produce matching outfits for her twins.

Doctors estimate that twins occur in about one in 250 pregnancies, or on about a 0.4% chance, which is what happened to Kim… three times. 

Her firstborn daughter Brittany, 18, was followed by Sarah, 14, and Hunter, 11, before she had three sets of twins consecutively.

The couple is also fostering John’s three-year-old nephew King.

They were totally surprised by Kim’s first twin pregnancy with Zachary and Zoey, six, but nothing could have prepared them for a second and third set.

Kim was keen on all of her twins having matching names and called her next set Oliver and Olivia, five, before naming her baby girls Kenzy and Kenzley last year.

Her most recent pregnancy started off as triplets and doctors feared she would miscarry.

Kim sadly lost one of the trio, a baby boy, at 17 weeks but feels blessed that her youngest girls “made it”.

Due to a mix-up with hospital paperwork, Kenzy and Kenzley’s legal names are still Baby A and Baby B.

Kim laughed: “It’s almost a year into it and we’re still trying to get the names done.

“Baby A and Baby B – that’s their names.”

She accredits the people in her life for being able to raise such a big brood – and lots of coffee. 

Their family car is a van that seats 15 people which Kim can regularly be seen driving around in their neighbourhood in New York, US.

The mum-of-ten hasn’t ruled out having anymore children because her four most recent pregnancies have happened while she was on birth control.

Kim said: “Birth control doesn’t work for me.

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