MUMS know how tiring it can be to have a crying baby attached to you all day.

Sometimes, it seems like nothing will soothe them.

Thankfully, one mum has revealed a hack that instantly stopped her baby from crying – and it's so easy to do.

Becky Wilko, from the UK, shared the hack to her TikTok account, beckywilko82, where it has gone viral with over 400k views.

The mum-of-fours youngest son, has been suffering with colic, and she said they were 'having one of those days' where he wouldn't stop crying.

Colic is when a baby is crying a lot and it's not clear why. It's a common problem that should get better on its own.


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But the mum found a simple solution.

Instead of cradling her son, she flips him round so his belly is lying against her forearm and her hand is supporting his legs.

Many know it as the 'tiger in the tree' hold.

Becky then shows another hold for colic babies that works at soothing them straight away.

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The next hold starts by getting the babies fists and putting them again their chest.

Then, as Becky has one hand over her son's fists she takes her other hand andholds him by the bum.

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Her son instantly stops crying and relaxes as she rocks him.

She wrote in the caption: "Ok so I've held him like this before not knowing what it was.

"An hour later he's fast asleep!"

Mums who watched the video were stunned by how well it worked, one wrote: "Oooh! Definitely one to try!"

"Wish I'd of known about these 10 years ago, he's absolutely beautiful!" Exclaimed another user.

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A third commented: "Swear by this hold. Worked every time. Mine would fall asleep trumping away lol."

"I didn’t know this was a thing! Would’ve been useful with mine!" A fourth added.

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