A SMALL-CHESTED mom has shared that she ditched her bra years ago in an effort to let her girls sit freely.

Comfort seems to be one of her top priorities, and she isn't afraid to show it bra-free.

Mara (@theamazingmaras) started off her TikTok video waving a bra in the air and throwing it over her shoulder in a dismissive manner.

"I don't wear bras," she wrote.

"Plus I'm pretty small-chested. Don't need one.

"I'd rather be comfortable," she concluded with a wide smile.

"I quit wearing bras a few years ago and love it so much!" she added in her caption.

Loads of people wanted to know why her chest was a point of attention in the first place.

"Can we talk about why they care and are looking there?!" one questioned.

"I didn’t notice.. maybe they shouldn’t look over there," chimed in another.

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"They shouldn't be looking there anyways. I didn't even notice until they mentioned it," a third said.

"I didn’t see until they pointed it out. How close were they looking there??" a fourth person was also curious.

Someone else was completely confused as to why bras were such a necessity in the first place.

"I wanna know where the law is that says we 'have' to wear them," they wrote.

An additional viewer pointed out that bras can run quite the cost.

They wrote: "Same! Triple Ds are expensive. Not a worthwhile expense when I only leave my house to go to Walmart or the laundromat lmao," they said.

And a final person shared that they weren't entirely on board with going bra-free.

"No hate but I couldn’t. I don’t like the feeling but when you get used to it it’s pretty nice," they said.

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