A MOM-of-two has revealed how having a baby has given her an amazing glow-up thanks to her new confidence in her body.

TikToker Sara Lininger explained that there were two main factors that contributed to her new look.

The mom posted two videos on TikTok sharing a throwback picture of herself before getting pregnant and another one of her now.

Sara explained that the first thing that changed in her body after pregnancy was her posture.

She said: "It's nothing crazy but just for reference this is before I had my first baby and this is after.

"So I really think there's two main reasons for this. Reason number one is just confidence.

"Before I had my first baby I was very self-conscious of my body.

"I was in the fitness industry which I don't even know if you can tell in that picture but I always felt that everything had to look perfect.

"I was always wondering 'do my arms look okay, does my stomach look okay' and that caused my posture to be pretty awkward. I just wasn't confident in my body.

"So once I became a mom I stopped obsessing over every little thing about the way my body looked and I started appreciating it for what it did. It literally brought life into this world.

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"When you appreciate your body more you get more confident in it and what happens when you're more confident is that your posture gets better and you start standing taller.

"And what happens when you have better posture is that your appearance is better.

In the second part of the video, Sara says that apart from the posture change, her diet habits also changed after her first pregnancy.

She admits she can no longer handle alcohol while she now opts for healthier meal options rather than junk food.

She said: "Ever since I had my daughter my body just rejects alcohol. I still enjoy a margarita or a beer every once in a while but it feels like poison- which is what it is.

"That might be the biggest factor in all of this- that I really don't drink anymore.

"So becoming a mom completely changed my relationship with alcohol, I look at it differently now and the same goes with my relationship with food.

"When I became pregnant I could not eat anything that was like junk food, it would make me feel awful.

"The only things I could eat was healthy food and that's such a blessing in disguise."

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