A MOTHER-OF-TWO has gotten real about cleaning her messy home.

The mommy vlogger said her home was filthy, with dirty diapers on the floor and a bed that hadn't been stripped in two months.

TikToker Amanda Rose (@_amanduhh__) calls her bedroom a "depression room." She said that's where she sleeps, eats, and spends most of her time.

Typically, it's dark "like a cave" but she decided to open her blinds for a cleaning video, shared on TikTok on August 24.

"There was food and plates literally stuck to my dresser. Candy and chips all over the floor," said the content creator.

"Diapers all over the floor. All these clothes were clean but now dirty because they’ve been on the floor too long. S**t sticking to my feet," Amanda, 25, explained.

Once Amanda decided to let "the sun in," she first cleaned her dresser.

Then it was her junk corner, which she called: "The worst spot in the whole entire room."

Third on Amanda's cleaning list was her bed, which hadn't been stripped in "maybe two months."

The TikToker finished cleaning her bedroom by vacuuming her rug, a task that was last completed "two weeks ago."

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To close out the cleaning video, Amanda filmed herself tidying up the bathroom. It was "just as bad" as the bedroom, the content creator said.

She cleaned up the makeup on the countertop that had been there for two weeks.

Amanda admitted that her "worst habit is picking something up and not putting it back."

She finished by sweeping the bathroom floor and taking out the garbage.

Amanda's video garnered 3.6million views, over 2,000 comments, and 340,000 likes.

Some of the most popular comments were from fans who supported the mother of two.

"Thank you for being so raw and real. nice to see this instead of spotless, clean homes," said one person.

"I love how this space on tik tok is also giving you the motivation to clean little by little," another wrote.

"Thank you Amanda you make me feel seen !!!! it’s so validating to see someone so relatable not for being aesthetically pleasing !!!" a third added.

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