YOU no longer have to worry about your favorite piece of clothing losing its functionality.

Laundry whiz Sara has taken to social media to detail her method for getting drawstrings back on your garments after you wash a load.

"I know 99 percent of people already know this trick, but this is for those that don't," Sara began in a TikTok video shared with her 237k followers.

The life hacker said that when your drawstring comes out of your sweatshirt or sweatpants in the wash, you should simply attach a safety pin to the end of the drawstring.

Using the safety pin, you can easily feed the drawstring through the garment.

Demonstrating on a gray hoodie, Sara gave viewers a glimpse of the magic working tip.

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People in the comments section of the video were grateful for the tip.

"Omg, I would have never thought to do this. THANK YOU! So annoying when the strings come out," one person said.

"Lol, I didn’t know this. Thank you for sharing," added another.

If you're looking for more clothing hacks, fashion guru Lucy Legret previously revealed her cheap tip to make baggy jeans fit perfectly without sewing.

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Grab a shoelace and create an incision on the left and right sides of your jeans.

Next, get a safety pin to help you feed the shoelace through the band of the jeans until it comes out on the other end.

After putting your jeans on and tying the shoelace, you'll notice that the fabric gathers up and your jeans are snug around the waistline.

Legret also said that if there is a blockage in the middle of your jeans preventing the shoelace from going through, you'll just need to create two more incisions in the area.

When asked if she keeps the shoelaces in when she washes the jeans, Legret responded: "Yes, I have never had to do anything extra after putting the laces in. Just wear/wash as normal."

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