A HOME expert has revealed how to whiten and brighten your shoes instantly with this everyday household product.

Cleaning guru Carolina Mccauley shared her wisdom with TikTokers on how she transformed her grubby trainers to gleaming.

She let slip her "secret to cleaning white shoes", which are often more susceptible to stains when on your feet.

To revive your favorite sneakers, Carolina claims all it takes to get them back bright white is a dollop of toothpaste.

As well as cleaning your teeth, it turns out toothpaste can also come in handy while completing your chores too.

Carolina, who lives in Perth, Australia, armed herself with a tube of the minty stuff, a toothbrush and a damp cloth to refresh her white kicks.


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The mum-of-two showed her followers that "just a small amount" can go along way in the whitening game.

She squirted a dollop of toothpaste on her brush before getting to work on her leather sneakers.

The cleaning queen shows how she scrubs the entire shoe from top to bottom, ensuring she works the product into each crevice.

It is believed that the baking soda in toothpaste acts as a mild abrasive which is great for removing stains – just like it does on our teeth.

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Carolina then reveals how well her intense brushing has paid off after wiping away the excess product with a damp cloth.

The mum then places the now spotless shoe next to her dirty one to demonstrate the difference in color between the two.

She showed how other white-trainer lovers could breathe new life into their battered footwear in just a few minutes.

Impressed TikTok users applauded the genius cleaning hack in the comments, while asking Carolina to share more shoe whitening tips.

Carolina has built up quite the following over the years thanks to her trusty tips and tricks.

She encourages her followers to "clean smarter, not harder", sharing her shortcuts for decluttering your space.

Her other recent posts have included how to get your bathroom gleaming with home hacks, and why you should never throw away orange peel.

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