A HAIR whizz has revealed her top tips on how to take care of your tresses to ensure they grow long and healthy. 

After going on a hair and scalp journey herself, Carlee uses her platform to spread knowledge around these topics based on her own experience. 

Sharing the changes she made to her weekly routine, the red-haired beauty took to her TikTok account to post a video about it all. 

“Hi, my name is Carlee and I’ve been working in the scalp and hair health industry for three years,” she said as she started her informative clip off. 

Carlee explained that she began implementing three different steps into her hair care, which have “worked absolute wonders”.

“My hair is currently the longest, strongest and healthiest it’s ever been,” she went on. “I’m very confident in my hair but I didn’t used to be… […] she was scary before.” 


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The first thing she does every week, without fail, is oil treatments directly onto her scalp. 

Admitting that people have most likely heard this before, she said: “I leave it overnight. I let it marinate all night and then I wash it out the next day.

“If you don’t have time to do it all night, leave it in for 30 minutes if you can.”

The important point here, she said, is to use an oil that is “easily absorbed into your scalp”. 

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“Really thick butters and really thick oils tend to just sit on top of your scalp,” she warned. “We want to have the oil penetrate the hair cortex and actually heal.” 

@carlee.hite suggested viewers look for an oil with a “molecular makeup so small that it’s able to actually efficiently and quickly absorb into your scalp”. 

The second thing she’s added to her routine are scalp massages. 

The beauty said she found a tool on Amazon that has rubber spikes that “feels great” and is easy to use and clean. 

“Honestly, you can also just use your fingers or use your brush,” she added for those who aren’t willing to fork out the cash. 

The final step to getting healthy hair, she said, is to do apple cider vinegar rinses. 

Carlee said she either does a rinse or a scrub depending on what she feels her scalp needs at that moment.

She said it makes her hair “super shiny”, very soft, and cleans her scalp well before shampooing her mane. 

“[It] lifts off all the dirt, dissolves dead skin cells, aka like dandruff… It’s chef’s kiss,” she added. 

In the caption, she added: “If you arent doing these 3 things… WYD. 3 scalp health MUST DO’Ss!! Treat your scalp like it’s your skin… because it is. 

“PSA: Did you know that your scalp ages 12x faster than the skin on your body and 6x faster than the skin on your face !? we’re all so obsessed over our facial skin.. Doing everything under the sun to make it look like we haven’t aged, yet we put toxic ingredients on our scalps and don’t think twice about it.

“Make it make sense”. 

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Viewers were quick to comment as one person praised her for showing them how to wash their hair properly.

After calling it “life changing”, Carlee replied: “Omggggg amazing”. [sic]

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