WITH the cost of living crisis causing the majority of Brits to tighten their budgets, you may be wondering how to generate some extra cash this Christmas to make the festive season that little bit less stressful.

Luckily, personal Finance Expert at CashLady.com, Paul Wilson, is on hand to reveal how you could generate some extra income this December.

He says: “As Christmas approaches and excitement for the festive season starts to build, for many, as do worries about the looming costs associated with December. 

“Particularly given the rising costs in the UK at the moment, tasks such as buying Christmas food, gifts and decorations can lose some of their sparkle, with financial worries building up instead.

“If you are worried about the cost of Christmas, there are some ways in which you can earn a bit of extra cash to alleviate some of the financial pressures Christmas can cause.”


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“A lot of parents want to go out at Christmas, either for a quiet meal or for a few drinks with friends.

"If you already work in a childcare setting, or know some neighbours who need a hand, then offering to look after the kids can earn you some extra cash as well as brownie points.”


“With many homes having house guests over Christmas, cleaners are in high demand. Many domestic cleaners charge extra for one off cleans, or will only take on work if it’s a regular commitment. 

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“Offering to do a one off pre-Christmas spruce up at a reasonable rate could see the cash rolling in. Similarly, ironing is another chore that people who are ‘time-poor' are likely to pay for during such a busy time of year.”

Present Wrapping

“There are lots of people who can’t stand the sight of Sellotape and a pile of presents. If you’re handy with some wrapping paper and can make Christmas presents look extra special, then offer to do it for others too. 

“You could charge per gift or per hour depending on the amount or size and awkwardness of the gifts.”

Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

“With animal owners out shopping or visiting family over the holidays, now could be a good time to offer to walk dogs or pop in and feed people’s cats.”

Launch a Side Hustle

“If you’ve been meaning to make homemade diaries or personalised photo frames, Christmas is one of the best times to do it. 

“You can earn up to £1000 tax free on an additional income so bite the bullet and give it a go.”

Sell Old Clothes

“Sites like eBay and Depop can get really busy at this time of the year. Have a scout through your clothes, be ruthless and put anything worthwhile onto a second hand site. 

“A lot of people are making the change to second hand shopping so you can really capitalise on this and have a good clear out too.”

Check Your Old Tech

“Have a look for any old mobile phones, laptops or iPads that have been gathering dust. Use sites like Music Magpie to sell them. You don’t always make huge amounts but it does all start to add up.”

Sign Up for Surveys

“There are a range of websites that will pay you to take part in online or in-person focus groups. Depending on the time involved, they can pay up to £150, sometimes more. 

“Have a look at companies like Saros and Research Opinions who are known for paying well.”

Use Cashback Sites

“Christmas is the absolute best time to use cashback sites. You’re buying possibly more than you do in any other month so it pays to sign up and start earning on what you buy. 

“You won’t get this cash immediately but it can be a bonus post Christmas when things are a little leaner.”

Become a TaskRabbit

“TaskRabbit is a website where you can sign up and offer your services. People looking for specific jobs can view your profile and hire you. 

“Things like ‘build flat pack furniture’ are pretty popular but at this time of year, returning parcels is one of the most lucrative tasks. TaskRabbit does take a cut, so you need to consider this when deciding whether to take a job.”

Join AirBnB

“If you’ve got the space, you could put your home or room on AirBnB for people visiting over the festive period but not wanting to fork out for a hotel. 

“If you're planning on going away yourself then this could be a way to make quite a bit of extra cash and have a house sitter.”

Try Delivery Driving

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“Deliveries of absolutely everything increase at Christmas, from food to gifts to crates of beer, everyone is stocking up and preparing for the big day. 

“Find out if your local courier services or food carriers are taking on extra drivers. These roles are often on an ad-hoc basis to work around your schedule, so could be useful if you already have a job.”

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