YOU will look 10 pounds slimmer this summer with these 10 simple outfit hacks.

Christina and Kelli from Mommies, Makeup And Moscato, have shared 10 of their favorite hacks to appear slimmer without even trying.

These outfit hacks require nothing more than going to your closet for those days you just want to look a few pounds skinnier.

For the first hack, wear your belt higher at the smallest part of your waist. For most people, it's right below the bust.

This is good for dresses and even blazers. It will help bring in your waist and make you look skinnier.

Another great way to bring in your waist is to choose high-rise jeans over low or mid-rise jeans. It will give you that hourglass figure that is ever-so flattering.

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While on the topic of jeans, boot-cut jeans are a great way to elongate your body. They have a great slimming effect especially paired with a heeled booty and high heels.

Go for a pointed-toe shoe when you are looking at heels. It creates a streamlined look that elongates your body. A nude color is best for this optical illusion.

Also, remember to be careful with how much elastic is in your denim. The more stretchy your jeans are, the more they will accentuate the stomach because it's not providing much support for you.

Try to select denim that has a lot more structure for a flatter stomach. However, make sure to buy the right size for your body to avoid an over-hanging stomach.

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Wearing any piece of clothing with structure, whether it's a blazer or a cargo jacket will make you look skinnier. It helps tailor your silhouette.

Another great way to accentuate your silhouette is to look for paneling details. This is typically found on dresses where the sides are a darker piece of fabric than the rest of the dress.

This will make your body look slimmer with the sides taken in a bit.

Don't forget about the amazing effects of a duster cardigan that hits in-between your mid-calf and ankle.

A third layer always makes you look slimmer and hides parts of your body that you may be self-conscious about. This has a paneling effect as well.

Add a heel to this look for an added slimming effect.

For your next hack, wear vertical stripes. This will elongate your body and make you look slimmer. You can do this with a dress, pants, a jumpsuit, or a blouse.

Speaking of prints, remember to always choose small prints over bigger prints. Bigger prints maximize your body shape while smaller prints make you look smaller.

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A great hack is to wear an off-the-shoulder top. This shows off your neck and delicate collar bone which slims you out and covers the largest part of your arm. V-necks are also a great option for this too.

Bonus tip: get a tan. Tanner skin makes you appear skinner and can hide imperfections on your skin. This tip is great for the summer and even the winter if you opt for a fake tan.

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