A DOG expert has listed the common mistakes pet lovers make with their four-legged friends – so how may are you guilty of?

We all think we've got our pet's best interests at heart – but according to one whizz, TikTok user BuddySmartz (@buddysmartz), some of our habits can actually do more harm than good.

The pro, who works as a K9 behaviourist, insisted that a lot of your dog's bad behaviour stems from life at home – and it's easy to go wrong.

Leaving food on the floor

It's not uncommon to pour your pet's favourite meal in a bowl and leave it on the floor for them to munch on whenever they want.

But according to the guru, this is one of the biggest mistakes that can cause a lot of trouble.

''Not only are you missing out on a massive opportunity to train your dog but you're also missing out on a massive opportunity to build a relationship with your dog.''


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Separation anxiety

The second common mistake the guru chatted about in the video was accidentally reinforcing separation anxiety whenever you leave.

''When you leave and you return and you leave your dog alone, go and come back quietly and calmy.

''Stop getting your dog so hyped up, telling that everything is going to be okay and leave.

''Stop getting them hyped up, telling them how much you've missed them when you've come home,'' he urged.

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This, the pro insisted, is what creates the separation anxiety in the first place.

But despite the recommendations, the reaction on social media was divided – whilst some thanked for the tips, others were not convinced.

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One critic wondered: ''What’s the point of having a dog if you can’t show it love as soon as you come in.''

Another agreed: ''I absolutely refuse to not get excited when I come back to my dog, it’s a deal-breaker.''

''I’m the one who gets separation anxiety leaving the dog he couldn’t care less!'' a third chuckled.

''I'm bad at food. I fill the bowl in the morning and he'll only eat when I do,'' someone else penned.

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