TAKING teeth health seriously is an essential part of life, but one woman has argued you don’t have to spend a fortune to get them squeaky clean. 

Jessica Anne, a dental hygienist who was on Married At First Sight UK in 2022, has taken to her TikTok account to clear up a common misconception around toothpaste. 

“Toothpaste doesn’t clean your teeth,” she told viewers in a shock statement. “So stop spending so much money on it.”

Dressed in blue scrubs with her brunette mane up in a ponytail, she went on: “I literally have patients that come in and have spent £7, £8, even £10 on the toothpaste and I’m like why? 

“They are all the same, just get a cheap one.”

@jesspotter_xx went on to explain that cleaning teeth comes down to using an electric toothbrush alongside floss and interdental brushes for between the teeth where the brush “can’t get to and it’s to remove the plaque bacteria”. 


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She said the reason we use toothpaste is for the fluoride it contains, which protects our teeth. 

“It protects our teeth against decay and acid erosion,” she continued. “The way to know that you’ve got the right amount of toothpaste is to literally just check the back of the box. 

“It should say 1450 parts per million or ppm. It can be as one whole number or two numbers like 1100 and then 350, so add them together it’s 1450.

“This is the correct amount of fluoride that anyone over the age of 12 needs.”

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Jess then revealed that she’d gone into one of her local shops to pick up three different brands of toothpaste. 

Bringing them into view, the expert said she picked up a pack of Wilko’s own brand, Oral-B and Colgate, all of which cost £1 each. 

“And they had the correct amount of fluoride in,” she said. 

“So just remember, check the back of the box, stop paying so much money and remember once you’ve brushed you need to spit and don’t rinse. 

“Don’t rinse with water, don’t rinse with mouthwash… We want this fluoride to keep working for 30 minutes.” 

“Stop spending £££ on toothpaste!!!” she added in the caption. 

People were quick to comment on her post as one person wrote: “Im 28, never had a cavity ever & I eat so much sugar! I have never washed the fluoride off once spat out & honestly I think thats why!” [sic] 

Another said: “I have been using manual toothbrush and Colgate toothpaste for about 20 years my teeth have never got bad, 14600 brushes total.” [sic]

A third shared: “I never pay more than a pound for my toothpaste”. 

A fourth asked: “what about tescos own toothpaste,” [sic] to which Jess replied: “If has 1450ppm it’s perfectly fine”. [sic] 

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Another questioned: “Don’t rinse with mouthwash? Then what’s it for”. 

Jess responded: “To freshen up. But it’s to be used at a separate time to brushing”. [sic] 

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