ONE of the biggest realizations people come to when decluttering their homes is that we actually don’t need all the things we own – but how can you measure what's worth keeping?

A cleaning expert just revealed a thought-provoking method she uses to keep her home as neat and tidy as possible.

YouTuber Kallie Branciforte posted a video breaking down what she calls the “employee system."

She says: “I like to look at my stuff as an employee.

“When you hire an employee, the point is what? They do work for your business. They take work off your plate. They do tasks that grow your business.”

She explains that you pay employees for what they do until it no longer makes financial sense.

If having a specific employee on staff doesn’t help increase your revenue, then there’s no reason for them to continue being part of your business.

The same rule applies to your belongings.

If an item is no longer bringing value to the spaces of your home, it's time to trash it.

The first group of items Kallie manages is her kids’ toys.

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She says: “Toys that are never touched or played with don’t deserve time on the shelf."

It makes sense to keep the toys her kids actively play with while getting rid of toys that are neglected.

Kallie shows an example of colorful magnet tiles stacked in a bin.

Since her kids consistently play with the magnet tiles, it makes sense to keep them on the playroom shelf.

The basket of toy cars she has, on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily need to take up any more space.

Next, Kallie goes through the valet drawer located in her kitchen.

She zooms in on some old iPhone cases that don’t need to be saved since they're most likely never going to be used again.

Since the old iPhone cases aren’t adding any value to her valet drawer, she says it’s time to get rid of them.

Several people in Kallie’s comment section on YouTube are intrigued by her organizational method.

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One person wrote: “I love the idea of things in your house being employees."

“This is a great way of thinking about stuff… as employees. I’m really hoping I will get this under control after all," someone else posted.

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