A PENNY-PINCHING mum has revealed she makes her kids workout using a broomstick and their massive stockpile.

As the prices keep rising, households all across the world are looking for ways to cut costs – whether it means less takeaways, buying second-hand or looking for bargains.

But one US mum has taken saving money to the next level, making her children use a broomstick and bags filled with cans to do various exercises, as she doesn't want to waste money on a gym membership.

Appearing on TLC Extreme Couponing, Joyce explained her obsession with coupons.

The self-confessed couponholic said: ''If this house burned down, sorry kids, you run but I'm grabbing the coupons.''

Sharing her bargain deals, the 37-year-old, who works as a waitress, revealed: ''I've got 503 painkillers and I've made over $500 (£340) off of them.''

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Joyce began couponing seven months ago when both of their sons needed to have operations on their feet.

The medical bills, the show revealed, totalled up to a whopping £45,000, and the mum needed to find ways to save every penny possible.

Since, the new addiction has resulted in a humongous stockpile that's worth more than a staggering £20,000.

Amongst these were 807 razors and 560 tins of fruit and veggies – the latter, the mum thought, would encourage her kids to eat well.

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But the stock room's not just where the family stored their food and boxes of bargains – it's also the home gym.

Speaking of his mum's money-saving ways, Joyce's son, Billy, said: ''In our stockpile workout, we have a broomstick and we put bags of canned goods on it to do benches.''

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''I think my kids are utterly embarrassed […] but I got this stuff for free, so we're gonna use it,'' added Joyce, who at the time was on five cans – but was working on her way to have at least each side.

During her trip to the supermarket, the penny-pincher, for whom a new pile of coupons was like the Christmas morning, managed to get her hands on multiple amazing deals.

There was a lot of hummus – which the children didn't seem particularly excited about – a whole 20 boxes of frozen dinner and 20 packs of soda.

And to make the visit at the store even longer, Joyce would also spend up to several hours stalking the cashiers until she found the perfect one.

''That young person under the age of 40 that is going to be happy to see me, and they don't care that I'm gonna give them all these coupons.''

And it was worth the wait indeed, as the total for all the five trolleys that had been filled to the brim, came to just a mere £2.80, saving the mum more than a whopping £900.

Viewers were left divided – whilst some were happy for her, others thought she needed help.

''someone please send this woman a coupon for therapy,'' chuckled one person.

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Another agreed, writing: ''There is no such thing as a healthy addiction. Anything that controls you is an unbalanced life.''

A third commented: ''Just buy them some gym equipments with some coupons to workout at home instead of some bags dangling on sticks.''

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