KEEPING your home looking clean is hard enough as it is.

Worrying about dusty spots is just another thing that most of us don't have time to do.

Dust can settle on any surface, making cleaning it a never ending and almost impossible task.

Luckily, the cleaning pros at Apartment Therapy shared some genius tips for when you need to dust be really can't be bothered.

Apply wax to appliances

Sometimes dusting is unavoidable, but if you want to prolong the time in-between dusts applying wax to your appliances can help.

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This will make cleaning the same spots in the future much quicker as well.

Use a dryer sheet on skirting boards

The simple fact is that dryer sheets can pick up loads more dust than a normal cloth.

Running one along the edges of dusty skirting boards will get them looking fresh much quicker than other methods.

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Skip making your bed

No really – your sheets are given a chance to air out better if your bed's left unmade.

This means that dust mites can't settle in your cosy covers.

Use a fluffy sock

Can't find your dust mop? Or out of dryer sheets?

A fluffy chenille sock will do the job just as well.

Of course you'll need to chuck it in the washing machine when you're done with it, but it's a great lazy alterative if you're in a pinch and don't want to run to the shop.

Use a pillow case

Pillow cases are great to dust larger areas, like fan blades.

Just slide each individual blade inside the pillow case and slowly pull the pillow case off.

The majority of the dust will come off and any that falls will be caught in the pillow case.

Use a magic eraser

Your tech can get pretty dusty to it's important to keep it clean to ensure it works properly.

Using a magic eraser to remove dust from keyboards can make the task much easier.

The pros say: "Trimming down the bulky task tackler makes it easier to manoeuvre through the small crevices on your keyboard where dust collects."

Use a lint roller

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Running a lint roller over lampshades, curtains and material headboards is a quick and easy way to remove dust from the area without much effor.

It will also save you some money on an upholstery brush, especailly if you've got fluffy pets running around.

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