A CLEANING expert has shared what temperature bedsheets should be washed in to get rid of all the germs.

It's recommended to wash bedsheets often since they accumulate germs so quickly.

It's best to wash your bedsheets in hot water.

Bedsheets washed at 130 degrees Fahrenheit is best for getting rid of dust mites while bedsheets washed at 140 degrees are best for killing viruses and bacteria.

However, its recommended to check what kind of material your bedsheets are made of before washing them, Insider reported.

Cotton, the material most bed sheets are made out of, can endure the hot water washing method but other materials can't.


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This step shouldn't be skipped even if you know what kind of material your sheets are made of.

Cleaning your sheets

Experts recommend cleaning your sheets at least once a week, Insider reported.

"Even if you are a very clean person and shower every day, after a few days your sheets become soiled with dead skin cells, sweat, body oils, and other gross stuff,"  Jessica Samson, a cleaning expert with The Maids, told Insider.

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For people who have allergies, asthma, or eczema, washing your sheets often will help get rid of the dust mites that accumulate quickly on bedsheets.

Washing your bedsheets weekly will also get rid of dead skin cells and tiny pests that live on dead skin cells.

Experts also recommend washing the bedsheets often if someone is sick or when potty training children or pets.

"You'll want to wash your sheets more frequently, and as soon as possible after any accidents," laundromat owners Corinna and Theresa Williams told Insider.

Washing bedsheets without bleach

Experts also shared tips on how to bedsheets without using bleach. This is perfect for those who prefer not to use the product or have a bleach allergy.

"We're big proponents of not using chlorine bleach," Corinna and Theresa Williams told Insider. ""It's harsh on fabric, which isn't good for longevity and can contribute to yellowing over time."

The most important step is to treat the stains on the bed clothing before washing it.

Corinna and Theresa Williams recommend using an oxygen booster to treat stains before washing and to keep your whites bright.

Washing cotton sheets

For cotton sheets, Corinna and Theresa Williams recommend washing them at the hottest temperature the sheets can endure, drying them on low heat, and avoiding fabric softener.

Drying the items on the low heat setting will help the sheets last longer.

Washing with fabric softener won't help the sheets last long since that product coats fibers and can affect sheets' absorbency, Insider reported.

Washing linen sheets

It's best to wash linen sheets in lukewarm or cold water, dry them on a low heat setting, and avoid fabric softener.

"Linen sheets are prone to shrinking in the wash if you use the hottest setting," Samson told Insider.

To keep the product soft, Corinna and Theresa Williams recommend adding  ¼ cup of white vinegar to the washer's fabric softener compartment and using dryer balls in the dryer, Insider reported.

For those who don't like the natural wrinkles of the fabric, they can use a steamer or a warm iron to get rid of it, as long as the product label doesn't say not to.

Washing sheets in cold water

Washing sheets in cold water can be an alternative for people who want to save energy while washing

Corinna and Theresa Williams came up with an effective way to get your sheets clean while saving energy.

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"Add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle to help flush out odor," Corinna and Theresa Williams told Insider.

However, they do recommend washing bed sheets in warm or hot water at least once a month to effectively get rid of all the germs.

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