WE'VE ALL forgot a birthday or two, but usually you have time to nip to the shops to get a card before you see them next.

But when this busy mum forgot her babysitter's birthday she had to get imaginative with her quick solution.

Posting the clip on TiKTok, Al Bates explained that she got a message from her husband saying they had forgot about their babysitter's birthday.

She said: "For those of you who might not be so familiar or don't have kids will not know that it's customary to make your nanny a s**t card with your child.

"However, she's just arrived for work so I can no longer use my child."

The mum was left in a bit of a conundrum, "that's right, I'm going to fake it," she quipped.

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The mum found some stray pieces of card and stickers and began making the card herself.

"This looks suitable awful, something like a three-year-old would use," she said, showing the gaudy floral card.

She taped on a sparkly blue butterfly and loads of stickers to make it more believable.

She added: "Anyone who's got toddler will know they're all obsessed with Peppa Pig and I've just found these Peppa Pig stickers just to put all over it and it will look so authentic."

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She added in a few heart stamps inside the card for added authenticity.

"I don't know about you but I think that looks like a three-year-old has done it," she said showing off her masterpiece.

Parents loved the card, but all said the same thing, "the stickers are too well placed, the angles need to be off," one joked.

A second said: "As a nanny myself, at least one of the stickers needs to be upside down and the stamping a bit smudged! Gold star for effort!"

Someone else admitted to doing the same thing: "The amount of times I've done this!" She joked.

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