EVER wondered why your makeup powders look shiny, and it feels as though nothing’s transferring onto your brush? 

Unfortunately, when this happens, it means you’ve got a serious case of hard pan. 

This is when a hard, plastic-like layer forms on top of your powder-based products such as pressed powders, blushes, eyeshadow palettes and bronzers, caused by grease and skin products transferring from your brushes onto the product. 

Luckily one beauty pro has shared her quick and easy trick to remove it – and you’ve probably got everything you need at home. 

Rose Gallagher, known online as @rosegallagherbeauty, regularly shares beauty tips with her 33,000 followers. 

In one of her recent videos, the makeup artist shares how to remove the hard pan, and bring life back to your powders. 


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“You can make your oldest makeup powder work like it’s brand new again, and all you’re going to need is some sellotape. 

“Over time with powders, they can develop a bit of a film on them and not only does it not look or feel great, but you can feel like none of the powder is actually coming out. 

“Whereas if you just take a few strips of sellotape, give the top layer a bit of a rub, you’ll actually see in the progression of the strips that the first one is covered in a kind of grit. 

“The last one is that old, original powder good as new again.”

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During the 27-second video, the content creator is seen placing four strips of clear sellotape over her powder and rubbing it with her fingertip. 

This removes the top layer and leaves behind the loose powder. 

Fans loved the quick and easy hack, with the video gaining more than 3,000 likes and 201,000 views. 

One follower wrote: “Thank u. Great and most needed trick ever.”

Another said: “Omg I’ve been looking for a tip like this!”

In the comments, Rose’s followers also shared their own hacks, with one writing: “I use a butter knife to lightly scratch the surface off, it’s so quick and easy!” 

Another said: “Medical tape is great too.”

Someone else commented: “This also works with painter's tape! I just tried it.”

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