WE ALL know the importance of wearing sunscreen, especially if you know you're going to be outside for a long time.

Forgetting to apply any can lead to pretty nasty burns, that's exactly what this woman discovered when she woke up from snoozing in the sun.

Beautician Sirin Murad, 25, was on holiday in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, when she fell asleep in the sunshine, with no sunscreen on.

Sirin woke up from her 30-minute nap by the pool with a slightly sore, red face, but didn't think much of it and continued relaxing during her time off.

The next day, however, was a completely different story – her red face was now extremely sore.

Sirin's skin was so tight that when she furrowed her eyebrows it looked like plastic.

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After discussing the matter with her family, Sirin decided to not to seek any medical attention as she didn't think it would get any worse.

But the following day Sirin's entire face began peeling leaving her covered in different patches of tanned and pink skin.

The beautician, from London, said: "At first it really didn't feel like anything – it just felt a bit sore when I put pressure on it.

"It really hurt the next day but I actually got some relief when it started peeling. It didn't hurt and I felt much better.

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"Weirdly, my skin is great now! It even feels better than before, almost like it's renewed."

Sirin is now keen to raise awareness of the importance of wearing sun cream.

She said: "No matter how much you think your that you'll be fine or that your skin will not burn, always apply sunscreen! It's definitely worth it!

"In my case, I genuinely forgot. I usually would do, but it just slipped my mind."

It has now been seven week since the incident, and Sirin's skin has cleared with only a few patches of discolouration on her cheeks.

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