AN INFLUENCER is going viral for her body positive video, where she shows off her incredible figure.

The TikTok user, Maddi, has been praised for embracing her body and sharing that every body is a bikini body.

Maddi labels herself as "redefining the wellness industry" through her body acceptance videos.

In her recent post, she's seen posing in a brown and grey bikini, beaming as she shows off her bikini body.

She captioned it: "Me again on your FYP [for you page] reminding you that it's normal to weigh over 180 pounds as a woman."

Followers were quick to praise Maddi, who often posts body acceptance content.


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One said: "It is! I am truly sad for women who were told otherwise."

Others shared their experiences dealing with body shamers: "No way, I always thought I was some sort of monster."

Maddi responded: "Absolutely not, girly."

In her other videos, Maddi often pokes fun at bullies who tell her she shouldn't wear bikinis due to her bodyweight.

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She captioned another bikini video: "When people say women over 180lbs shouldn't wear a 2 piece bikini.

"Forever and always showing off my mid sized bod."

Her content is clearly making a difference to those on TikTok who struggle with societal pressures:

One grateful commenter said: "You're so gorgeous. Thank you for helping others with body dysmorphia."

Earlier this year, an influencer went viral for her body positive posts, which have helped thousands of women embrace their natural curves.

Karly, from Canada, has been an influencer for close to a decade, when she realised how important it was to share body positive content.

She said: "One of the largest reasons I think it’s important to produce body positive content is the impact on youth.

"At the end of the day, this type of content helps people to love themselves, which in turn helps them to live a fulfilled and happy life."

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