A TIKTOKER who wore a Hooters costume to one of the popular restaurants was shocked by how waitresses responded.

Fiona, who goes by the handle @richfiona, dressed in the iconic white and orange uniform as she dined out at the chain with a pal.

While she teamed a branded Hooters vest with classic orange shorts, her friend wore a black version of the uniform.

And while the women appeared ever so slightly nervous at the start of the video, they needn't have worried.

The waitresses appeared delighted by the effort they had made, even taking a photo with the pair.

Fiona and her friend are then seen grinning inside, claiming it was one "off the bucket list".

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There were, however, a few issues.

For one, Fiona claims she saw her friend's boyfriend there.

She also said she noticed creepy men staring at them at their table.

But fans were quick to show their support, with many wanting to do the same themselves.

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"YALL LOOK GREAT," one raved.

"Fiona this is so funny," another said.

"No way," a third chimed in.

It comes after one woman pulled out her old Hooters uniform and tried it on for Halloween inspiration.

Single mother and 42-year-old Tawny, who goes by the TikTok handle @Tawny731, wore an infamously skimpy Hooters uniform, and received loads of compliments.

The Texas woman first posted a TikTok video wearing a white short-sleeve top with the Hooters logo on it along with orange micro spandex booty shorts.

“I’ve been over these but should they come out of 23 [years] of retirement for Halloween???” she wrote in the video.

Another woman revealed things that can get you fired from the job.

You can view a list of celebrities that were once Hooters' girls here.

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