PEOPLE often use filler to try and make themselves look younger.

But instead of going for cheek or lip filler, Elise went for a very specific filler to transform her appearance – in her tear trough.

She took to TikTok to share a video which showed her both before and after the filler, as she wrote over the clip: "Tear trough filler was THE best decision of my life."

Captioning her clip, she wrote: "I look 10 times younger now."

And the transformation was indeed incredible, with Elise going from somewhat puffy and tired-looking to flawless and fresh-faced.

"I didn’t realise I needed this until now," one wrote.

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As Elise replied: "Life changing."

"This is the MOST life changing thing I’ve ever done!!" another added.

As a third commented: "Yess!! It’s such a small area but makes such a huge impact.

"Never regret."

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"How painful was it?" another asked. "Looks amazing."

"I’m so so bad with needles and have a bad pain threshold but little to no pain," Elise responded.

"Just sometimes uncomfortable but very bearable."

"How long does it last?" someone else questioned,

With Elise replying: "I would say around a year. I had 1ml first and then just another 1ml recently a year apart."

Others used the comments section to issue a warning to others considering the procedure, with one writing: "Please be careful with it! Studies have shown that despite saying it lasts a year, it can migrate behind the eye and remain there for upwards of ten."

As another added: "I got them too.

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"They looked great for about 6 months and then created mid cheek lines and puffiness from migration.

"I was so sad. I got them dissolved."

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