A SOCIAL media personality has declared that she wants to abolish bras after finding the perfect top for her large bust.

She said her boobs usually drop toward the floor but her new top "schloops" and lifts them up.

Grace Margaret Beverley (@gracebeverley) is a popular social media influencer who is not afraid to speak her mind.

Also a successful business owner, she is the founder of the sustainable fashion brand TALA and fitness app Shreddy. 

"Look at this top without a bra. Magic. F**king magic. Harry Potter come get your work," the blonde beauty said as she gestured to her full chest.

She donned the TALA 365 Sculpting Lounge Short Sleeve T-shirt, $38, in gray.

Grace kept her look casual as she gestured to the cropped gray body-hugging T-shirt she was wearing.

She paired the simple style with low-rise jeans and small gold earrings and a hoop necklace.

The content creator was in awe at how stretchy and supportive the material was.

She made this apparent with the way she kept tugging and pulling at the shirt fabric.

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"It just like schloops. It's the only proper adjective to describe what it does here," she said.

Grace couldn't help but explain how it "schloops and lifts and sculpts."

Many people couldn't help but share their fascination with the top.

"I’ll take 6 please," one said.

"Obsessed," a fan praised.

"Girl I wish. My t*tties hadn’t surrendered to gravity a long time ago," a TikTok user shared.

"SAME. Try the top tho mine usually show me where the floor is," Grace replied.

Not only is she a successful entrepreneur, but she's also the host of the successful podcast Working Hard, Hardly Working.

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