A WOMAN explained that she gave her daughter some advice to fight back when she got bullied, but that it didn't have the outcome she expected.

Writing for Cafemom, Katharine Chan said that her daughter came home from nursery and told her that a boy had pushed her when she was at the top of the slide.

She asked her daughter if she had reported the incident to the teacher but her daughter said she hadn't.

Katharine said: "I know it’s difficult for the school to monitor everything that happens on the playground. Pushing, shoving, hitting, pinching … all these occur within split seconds. And kids get over these things very quickly as well. It’s hard to keep track of all the little incidents."

She then quizzed her child again, asking if she had pushed the boy back. Again her daughter said she hadn't.

Katharine said: "I was riled up. I insisted: 'The next time anyone pushes you, you push them back.'"

The mum explained that her own mother had told her to stand up for herself and advised her to pinch another girl back when she kept pinching her as an eight-year-old.

The following day Katharine waited to hear what had happened in the playground and her daughter told her that she had been pushed once again.

Katharine said: "I asked: 'Did you push him back?'

"She looked at me in the eyes: 'No, mom. We’re not supposed to copy what other people do. My teacher says hitting is wrong. I told him to stop and asked my friends to come over to help me.'"

Her daughter then told her that the boy had just gone away following the incident.

Katharine said: "I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed. I wanted her to fight back. I wanted that little boy to understand he can’t mess with my daughter. But those feelings subsided quickly because I started feeling humbled and impressed by her."

"She had the confidence to tell me that she didn't have to follow what other people were doing. She could solve problems in a way that worked for her. In this case, it meant teaming up with her friends and asking for help — something I didn’t think of telling her the day before."

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