EXCITED for her newborn's arrival, this mum went on a little shopping spree, grabbing clothes that would fit 0-3 months olds.

Once all done, Elle Leigh had acquired a collection of baby clothing that was worth a fortune.

However, there was one little problem – that wasn't so little.

After she had given birth to a a healthy baby boy, the parents quickly realised they will need to head to the shops straight away.

''Birthing a toddler that only fitted in 3-6 and 6-9,'' she said whilst showing a photo of her massive baby.


She also revealed that he was so big it had to be a C section: ''He wasn't coming out any other way.''

The labour, according to the mum, lasted a total of three long days and the baby was born weighing 0.72 stone.

The chubby baby has made his mum ''TikTok famous'' with over 600 thousand views.

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Fellow mums also shared their stories in the comments section.

''I had the same girl!

''My lad was 10lb 6oz, he’s now just 5 and hopping into his 7-8 clothes,'' wrote one mum.

''Same here, I spent so much on 0-3 for my big 11lbs2oz and 25 inch boy to go straight to 3-6.''

There were also those who had the complete opposite experience, like this parent.

''I spent loads on 0-3 and ended up having to buy tiny baby!''

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