WHEN one Skims fan got her hands on some of the brand's most famous items, she couldn't wait to take them for a spin.

But two viral pieces fell short of her expectations, and she posted a brutally honest review.

Lizzie Johnson (@lizziejohnson3) is a TikTok star best known for her channel that investigates historic mysteries.

But on her personal account (@notlizziejohnson3), Johnson digs into more contemporary puzzles.

For example: why didn't two of the most beloved Skims products work for her?

In a video, Johnson discussed the items that severely disappointed her.

"I really hate to do this, but I have to jump on the de-influencing train for Skims," she said.

Johnson added an important caveat up front in case anyone thought she was a troll. "I love Skims," she clarified.

"I have 15 other things from them I absolutely love. There are two specific items I ordered that don't work for me," she said.

The first fail was the Fits Everybody Slip Dress, $62.

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"I love how it looks from the front, which is why I'm so disappointed it doesn't work for me," Johnson said.

Indeed, the front view of the dress was flattering, but when Johnson turned, the problem became obvious.

"From the back, it's got this weird bunching of fabric," she said.

She pulled at a bunched-up swath of fabric at the small of her back. "It doesn't look good and it doesn't look right," Johnson said.

The strange fit also made the dress NSFW once she started moving.

"I can't walk for you in this," Johnson warned her followers. "I can't even take a step without it riding all the way up past my crotch."

Johnson suspected the dress might not work due to her height. She described herself as 5'8 with an athletic build.

Sadly, the dress isn't going to be a part of her wardrobe. "For me, it's not practical," she said.

"The second item that didn't work for me is the Sculpting Mid Waist Thong," Johnson said.

She had the $28 shapewear on underneath the slip dress and yanked at the waistband.

Johnson said the top of the thong rolled down, while the sides of it sliced into her hips.

"No matter how I wear it, it always cuts me off and you can tell I'm wearing shapewear," Johnson said.

Sitting down only made the effect worse.

Johnson pointed out the lines on her waist and sides where the thong was squeezing pockets of her skin.

"You cannot tell me that this looks good," she argued. "It makes me look like a stuffed ham."

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After posting her review, Johnson softened her message a bit.

"No hate to Skims. I'm sure these items work for other people," she added. "They just don't work for me and my body type."

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