OH, mothers-in-law – they either become your best friend or worst enemy, there's no in-between.

When first meeting our partner's parents we will do the most to leave a good impression – and even more so if we all live together.

However, one woman has simply had enough, as her boyfriend's mum treats her son, 24, like a baby – and insists she does the same.

“Okay so my boyfriend and I are staying with his parents because we live in a very expensive state and the pandemic makes independence hard,'' explained the 20-year-old.

According to the woman, she works 40 hours a week, minds her own business and cleans up after herself – which would be an absolute dream for most mothers-in-law.


Despite her hard efforts, this doesn't seem to impress the boyfriend's mum.

“The conflict comes in now because my mil has started getting on me to clean up after my boyfriend who works 2 days a week and has no real responsibility.''

She then also added that it's come to the point“where she does all his laundry, cooks him dinner every night'' and even “makes his bed for him.''

The 20-year-old, who's dedicated numerous Reddit posts to her boyfriend's mum, described her as a“traditional stay at home mom, with the mindset that women take care of their men and do all the housework.''

After bringing up the issue to her boyfriend, he started cleaning up after himself.

But not for long because soon after the woman said she had received“an angry text'' from no other than her mother-in-law who was furious her son did the all the work and not her.

“She won’t allow her son to have any responsibility.''

“I’m honestly at a loss.''

Although many understood her frustration, there were also fellow Redditors who seemed to have taken the mother-in-law's side, with one user writing:“So you're living in their house and want them to follow what you see is right!''

“I do what they ask me it’s just frustrating because of the hours I work vs him sitting all day playing Call of Duty,'' she replied.

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