A WOMAN has revealed that she has had two Brazilian Butt Lifts, but wanted her hips to look bigger, so flew to Turkey for butt injections.

Beauty fan Vanessa Knight explained that she didn’t get the desired results from her previous plastic surgeries, so flew from Australia to Turkey and spent the equivalent of £2,256 on butt injections. 

Opening up about her experience on TikTok, Vanessa explained that she went to Turkey for the procedure because it was much cheaper than in Australia.

In one clip, she said: “Hey guys, so if you're new to my channel, I'm in Turkey right now and I came here to get a procedure done that is so much cheaper in Europe than it is in Australia.

“Basically, everything is really expensive in Australia so I was not gonna spend that money.

“Even paying for the flights to get here is still cheaper than doing the procedure in Australia and I get double the amount here.

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“So I've already had two BBLs – I had a BBL with 360 liposuction and then I did another fat transfer to my hips but it's just not as wide as I want it to be.

“So I don't wanna do another BBL because I hate gaining weight but I think I will do another BBL maybe in a year or two, because what I'm getting, the filler, it isn't permanent, it only last two years and it's so expensive, whereas the BBL is permanent.

“So that’s the catch 22, but there's no downtime with what I'm gonna do.

“Basically what I wanna do is bring my hips out a little bit more, I don't really care about projection too much yet, I just want to add more hips.”

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Then, in a follow-up video, we saw Vanessa getting the procedure done.

She noted: “I am getting butt injections, yes, you heard that right.

“If you're new to my channel, I've had BBLs before, but I just want a little, something, something more in my hips.

“So I flew all the way to Turkey. That's where I am now.

“This is the clinic. They sterilised my booty, then wrap me in that plastic wrap.

“I know this looks super scary, and honestly, I got a little nausea seeing all the syringes, because I was like, damn, that's a lot of needles.

“But I could not feel this s**t at all. The only thing that hurts is the needle to numb you.

“She used a little ultrasound on my booty, because on one side, it's my left a*** cheek. I had a little bit of asymmetry, so one side is bigger than the other.

“But also my skin is really, really tight and actually the doctor who did my BBL said the exact same thing.

“Then she wrapped me up, gave me some antibiotics and this is my new little shape.

“Okay, honestly, I don't know what I look like for, like, a week or two weeks, but I can already see I have a little bit more projection on my hips.” 

She later explained that although she spent 4,000 Australian Dollars, which is the equivalent of £2,256 on the procedure, it would “have cost over $13k [£7,330] in AUS for the people asking why I travelled to Turkey.”

Two days after the procedure, Vanessa shared another clip showing off her results.

She responded to a comment that read: “Oh no babe don’t do that. Your body is in perfect proportion right now, you're going to look a bit weird with such big hips” and explained that she loves her new look.

She shared her clip with the caption ‘My hips are still hard. It's going to take a week or so to settle but THIS is the shape I wanted. I'm so, so, so happy.’

Vanessa then revealed: “It's two days later. I put the same dress on. I hope you can see.

“She literally did that. I am so happy. Oh, my god.” 

Social media users were left impressed at Vanessa’s new figure and were quick to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “Omg looks great *books flights to Turkey*.” 

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Another added: “Looks so good.”

A third commented: “Girl it’s STUNNING.”

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