YOU don't have to have been a teen mum to understand just how terrifying it must be to tell your parents you're pregnant when you're basically still a child yourself.

So when mum-of-two Elle Woods found herself in this scenario over 10 years ago, she did what most teenagers would do: buried her head in the sand and pretended it wasn't happening.

In a series of viral TikTok videos, Elle explained how she only discovered she was expecting her daughter when she was seven months along.

She said: "I found out through my nutritionist – not my GP – and I just didn't tell anyone I was pregnant."

A few weeks later, Elle woke up in a lot of pain and asked her dad for some painkillers at 4am.

However, it quickly dawned on Elle that she was already well into her labour – and much to her dad's shock, "half of the baby's head [was] already out".

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Needless to say, Elle's dad sprung into action and called emergency services.

But as the nearest hospital was 40 minutes away, he was told he had to deliver his granddaughter there and then.

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She explained in a follow-up video: "[He] moved me to the en-suite as that was the largest tiled area and they put down a whole heap of towels.

"My uncle – my dad's brother – was living with us and he was in charge of keeping my sister with Down's Syndrome occupied with other things so she didn't know what was going on.

"Dad said it was quite quick. I've had a second child since and I laboured really quick with him as well."

In total, Elle claims there was just 20 minutes between her waking her dad up and her daughter being born on the bathroom floor.

I found out through my nutritionist – not my GP – and I just didn't tell anyone I was pregnant.

She added: "When the ambulance came [15 minutes later], they packed me up and took me to hospital.

"I don't remember a lot because I did go into shock and I lost a whole lot of blood."

She captioned her clip which has racked up over 7 million views: "When I tell you he is never going to let me forget this, I mean he is NEVER going to let me forget this."

Unsurprisingly, Elle's story left viewers absolutely stunned.

One replied: "At least he didn’t have time to get angry at you before he met his grand daughter…"

Another added: "Your dads amazing. Kept his cool. 10/10."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Your dad is way better than mine, mine would have thrown a fit that I was pregnant, told me to 'figure it out myself' and walked out."

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