ONE woman has shared how she moved into a messy new home and was forced to sift through lots of clutter, only to find an amazing vintage wedding dress.

But now the family of the woman it belonged to has asked for it back and she’s refusing to give it to them –  despite the fact that she’s not getting married. 

A social media user, who shares true stories from sites like Reddit, recently sparked conversation by posting a video titled: “Am I the a**h**e for refusing to give a woman her grandma's wedding dress and jewellery back? (Originally posted on r/AITA).”

Alongside a picture of a woman wearing a vintage gown, the anonymous woman then gave more details of her dilemma.

The 26-year-old explained that she had bought a six-bedroom house in May 2018 which previously belonged to a hoarder.

As per the contract, the woman agreed to take ownership of everything in the house, including the mountains of clutter that were “wall to wall and floor to ceiling.”

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She continued to say that the family of the late woman who the house had previously belonged to had washed their hands of the mess and left her to it.

So she set to work and cleaned up everything – a mammoth task that took her almost four years. 

While she was busy organising everything, the woman found various hidden gems.

She explained: “While doing the cleaning, I made sure to check everything before throwing it out.

“Ended with more than $20k of money, some nice jewellery and antique furniture, and finally a stunning 40s style, lace covered wedding dress.”

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After paying for some minor work to restore it back to its former glory, the woman decided there and then that she wanted to wear it to her own big day one day.

She revealed: “I currently don’t have a partner, but I decided that it would be the dress I will be wearing if I ever get married.”

However, things then took a turn as the woman had forgotten that she was Facebook friends with the late lady’s family, having reached out to them to pass on some old family photos.

She continued: “After repairing the dress, I put it on with the jewellery and posted a pic on Facebook.

“Well this woman saw it, and asked for the dress and heirlooms back.

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“I refused to give them back, and legally they can’t do anything about it. If they meant that much to them, they should have cleaned the house on their own, not sell it to me!”

But the woman was obviously having some second thoughts, as she appealed to others to ask if she was in the wrong or not.

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