A MAN hit the jackpot when he not only found a £1,300 pram on the street – but it also had some exciting items inside too.

The lucky US resident uploaded a video showing how he discovered cash and a possible diamond ring inside the baby item when he was cleaning it up.

In a clip which has racked up 64,000 likes, TikTok user @badjujudesign explained: “I was walking home in New York and I saw this pile of trash with these cool strollers in it.

“A bunch of people were like ‘you need to go pick those strollers up’ so you can sell them, that’s money.

“I was like money, let’s go.

“By the time I got back the Bugaboo one was gone but this brown leather one was still there so I grabbed it.

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“Let me tell you this thing was filthy, disgusting but as I was cleaning it up and taking it apart, I found something.

“I knew this was a boujee stroller and I just had a sense about it, but I found money.

“I’m freaking out.

“I also found a ring, now I haven’t figured out if it’s a real diamond ring or real gold ring yet.

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I’m going to take it to a jeweller to get tested.”

After pocketing the $20 and arranging to take the ring into a shop to be valued, he set about cleaning up the pram to sell.

He continued: “After the shock of finding these treasures wore off, I got to the hard work and started scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing. 

“I cleaned up that stroller and made it look nice and as new as I can.

“It’s definitely missing some parts but she looks way better and she is ready for a sale.

“I’ve actually talked to a couple of people who might come pick it up this week.”

Many people were impressed at his flip, with one saying: “Omg I want that stroller.”

Another wrote: “Yay, from trash to treasure.”

However, one added: “I’d be terrified everything was infested with bedbugs.”

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