SHE didn't want to socialise with her work colleagues outside of the office.

So one woman came up with a genius plan to prevent her co-workers from talking to her if they bumped into each other while out and about.

"When I started my job I told everybody at work that I was an identical twin," the woman posted in a video on her Mother of Heathens TikTok account.

"That way, in case I saw them on the streets, I wouldn’t have to talk to them."

The video has had more than 1.7 million views, and people flocked to the comments section to praise the lady for her clever thinking.

"Everyone's playing checkers and this woman over here playing chess! so smart," one person wrote.

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While another added: "A brilliant plan.If they find out you don’t have one they will think you are a little crazy and won’t have to talk to them that way also. win win."

And a third wrote: "I do have an identical twin and I do this every time I leave the house I pretend I’m her and she does the same with me."

"50 years on this earth and never once did I think of this," another comment read.


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"I've been suffering for years with pointless small talk. Life changed," someone else added.

As another weighed in: "WHY??? WHY have I never thought of this??? This is the ultimate introvert life hack!"

"Plus when you call in sick and they see you at a movie, 'that was my sister'," another person commented.

However, one person insisted they "couldn't get away with" the trick because they work for their daughter.

But the woman replied in another video as she advised: "You tell your daughter that your twin is a total asshole and that’s why you’ve never brought her up because you haven’t spoken to her in years.

"But you’ve heard she’s moved to town.

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"So if she sees the twin, please don’t approach her."

"That’s it. You should be an undercover cop!" one person commented on that video.

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