A MAN has showed just how much food he managed to get for just £5 at Aldi.

He took to his Latest Deals TikTok page to share a video detailing his "weekly £5 shop at Aldi".

"What can you get with £5 at Aldi?" he began.

First thing in his basket was a 48p bag of white rice, a 28p pack of dried spaghetti and a 41p bag of penne pasta.

On the vegetable front, he grabbed a tin of garden peas for 24p, as well as one of chopped tomatoes for 32p.

He got a "mahoosive" bottle of squash for just 89p, a box of corn flakes for 63p, a jar of bolognese sauce for 65p and a loaf of wholemeal bread for 39p.

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He was even able to add some treats to his haul as well – a 24p tin of rice pudding and a double pack of custard cream biscuits for 49p.

"All that comes to £5.02," he concluded.

People were quick to weigh in on the haul in the comments section, with one writing: "I don’t think we go to the same Aldi mate!"

"it's what you can have for 5 pounds and 2p but yeah get lots, and even you spent 40 pounds it would last you 2weeks and half," another added.

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"Aldi is next level cheap," a third commented.

"essential whole meal bread always my best…aldi is behind my house," someone else wrote.

"The biscuits at Aldi are literally so cheap," another added.

But others questioned when he'd filmed the haul, claiming that prices had gone up since then.

"when did you film this, 2019?" one asked.

As another added: "Aldi in 2007."

However, when we checked the prices online, the only things that had gone up in price were the rice pudding, which had increased by 1p to 25p for a tin.

The bolognese sauce is now 85p per jar, while the price of the custard creams has now dropped to 38p.

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