A YOUNG woman has taken it upon herself to purchase Hooters brand underwear that people online say makes her look outstanding.

She wanted to see what they would look like on her frame, and the look could compete with some women displayed in the company's signature calendar.

TikTok creator Jessie Sims typically posts content that shows off her athletic body shape in a variety of themed costumes.

The scantily clad woman plays up sexual innuendos in her numerous videos and promotes an intimate outlook.

In one video, she shows viewers how she looks decked out in a Hooters-style sports bra and shorts costume.

Though she may not be a Hooters Girl herself anymore, she certainly still gives them a run for their money, while she dons the ensemble.


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The video begins with Sims standing in front of a green screen, where a screenshot of the outfit is behind her.

The Hooters Uniform Sports Bra, $25, and the matching Hooters Uniform Boy Shorts, $20, can both be found online at PSD Underwear.

A funny Simpsons-themed audio track can be heard in the video, as Sims mouths along and interacts.

"But this is a real fine," the audio says as the content creator mouths along.

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The visual then changes to the blonde woman standing without a green screen, mouthing along to the audio that says "Just buy it, you don't have to rationalize everything."

"Well, alright. I will buy it," Sims mouths along as she once again briefly stands in front of a green screen.

The final moments of the video exhibit Sims posing and showing off her fit physique in the Hooters top and bottoms.

The background says "It'll be good for the economy," as Sims does her thing for the camera.

Her looks and body captivated audiences online with many taking to the comments to tell her how amazing she looks.

"It looks better on you," one viewer commented.

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"Jeez you're trying to make the calendar," another wrote.

"I know you would get all the biggest tips," another user added.

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