FORGET sparkling tiaras, Kate Middleton’s glossy locks are arguably her ultimate crowning glory. 

But they haven’t always been as polished and immaculate as they are today, as a look at her hair evolutions shows. 

In fact, Prince William once called Kate’s hair a “nightmare” to style because it is so “long and thick.”

Now the Duchess of Cambridge, 38, enlists the help of stylist Amanda Cook Tucker in taming her tresses, and there is rarely a strand out of place. 

From bouncy blow dries to chic updos, the duchess nails nearly every style she wears for public engagements. 

Here, Fabulous looks back at how Kate’s locks have gone from care-free student to a pristine queen-to-be….

Care-free student – 2005

Before the days of public engagements, Kate had a much more relaxed approach to her brunette locks, and typically wore them down and wavy.

Kate was more than happy to throw back her hair with a pair of sunglasses on her head.

We even saw them in tight curls for her infamous uni charity catwalk show, where she caught William's eye in a sheer ensemble.

The early days – 2005

Kate's hair looked worlds apart from her current style when she attended a wedding in 2005.

The future royal was just 23 years old at the time and left her hair relatively unstyled for the nuptials of Hugh Van Cutsem and Rose Astor.

Nowadays we are much more like likely to see Kate with a bouncy blow dry for formal occasions.

Royal engagement – 2010

Just two years later, and Kate sealed her future in the royal family after William popped the question in 2010.

For the photocall, Kate wore her hair with a side parting, and wore a sweeping fringe over to one side.

The glossy blow dry look she showed off here would soon become her signature look for engagements.

New fringe – 2012

A year after her glittering royal wedding, Kate decided to spice things up by getting a curtain fringe put in.

The off-centre look divided fans, with some raving about the look and others prefering her without a fringe.

Long and luscious – 2013

Kate's hair quickly became the highlight of many of her public appearances, and stylist Amanda Cook Tucker revealed the blow dry look doesn't come easy.

Before a royal trip to Norway and Sweden in 2018, Amanda shared a photo of the tools she uses.

A staggering 13 brushes, seven combs, two hairdryers and three curling tongs are necessary to achieve Kate's look.

A number of styling products, such as Kiehl’s Crème with Silk Groom (£18) and Charles Worthington: Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse (£5.99), help keep Kate’s waves in place.

And to ensure Kate’s hair stays looking perfect for all those photos, it looks like Amanda uses a humble £2.60 can of L’Oreal Elnett hairspray.

Amanda certainly works her magic!

Pregnancy chop – 2018

Kate chopped her locks to just above her shoulders when she was pregnant with Prince Louis in 2018 – but she retained her signature blow dry style.

Elettra, who is a Premier Stylist at Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, which have done Kate's hair, told Fabulous how to do their “Chelsea blow dry” at home. 

To achieve the look, the hair professional said you need to apply a golf-ball size amount of volumising mousse to damp hair and brush through for even distribution. 

Then you need to start rough drying hair in a controlled way, lifting and heating roots with your fingers. It’s important that you don’t shake the hairdryer about.

Next, use a medium-size round bristle brush to blow dry the hair smooth, and using a medium-sized tong, take sections of hair from just under the ear and wrap around the barrel, away from your face. 

You need to then hold in place for a few seconds and release, before setting the hair in place with the cool shot on your hairdryer.

To finish, lightly brush with a brush like a Tangle Angel, then run a lightweight serum through the mid-lengths and ends for extra shine.

Sun-kissed highlights – 2019

Last year, Kate added some sun-kissed highlights, and celebrity stylist James Johnson revealed how Kate's new golden locks "frame her face" and make her hair appear "thicker".

He told the Daily Mail: "These soft lighter pieces help frame her face, keeps the warmth in these colder approaching months."

He also added that the new look could have been achieved from balayage (in which strands of hair are hand-painted) as opposed to highlights.

"By adding soft pieces of colour it can also help the hair look thicker as it creates more dimension within the hairstyle making it appearing more 3D," he continued.

Fit for a queen – 2020

Kate is now comfortable in her signature style looks every inch a queen in the making.

Ross Charles, owner of Ross Charles hairdressing, told Fabulous: "It is clear to see Kate Middleton's hair evolution throughout the years as she has matured and her style has adapted.

"Her style has become noticeably more polished and her hair is always perfected prior to any appearances.

"This evolution is of course a representation of Kate becoming a princess and presenting herself a certain way, as well as hair trends evolving and Kate remaining contemporary in her style.

"Her hair oozes health and shine and this is achieved through products and styling.

"Her hair style is mature and classic hence why we have witnessed her hair evolution over the years."

Meanwhile, from country tweed to bang on trend – how Kate Middleton’s style has evolved over the years.

And Kate has returned to a simpler style now she doesn’t have to ‘compete’ with Meghan Markle, insider claims.

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