AS we approach Halloween it’s time to start thinking about scary films and creepy costumes – not to mention pumpkin carving. 

If you need something to get you in the mood for a good fright, why not test yourself on this spooky brainteaser filled with ghosts. 

Brits are being challenged to find the evil ghoul lurking outside a haunted castle, and it takes people on average two minutes and 37 seconds to spot the spectre. 

It's not easy a the angry spirit is surrounded by numerous ghouls, not to mention bats and dead tree branches. 

The quiz was devised by Cottages & Castles, based in Scotland, who admitted some people have taken as long as four minutes to find the fiend. 

Shannon Keary, Digital PR Manager at Cottages & Castles said, “Everyone loves a brainteaser and Halloween is the perfect opportunity for some spooky fun. 

“Some of us at Cottages & Castles HQ have found the ghost in seconds, while others have been squinting at the screen for as many as 4 minutes!”

If you still can’t locate the ghost, we’ve included the answer below.

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