A DOCTOR has revealed why you should never use a make-up wipe to remove your foundation. 

Leading cosmetic doctor Tijion Esho, founder of the Esho Clinic, shared a clip on his Instagram page – using an orange as an example. 

Dr Esho covered the fruit skin in foundation, with the peel mimicking our pores. 

He then takes a make-up wipe and attempts to remove the concealer – before revealing the residue left behind. 

While most of the foundation has gone, the remainder has been rubbed into the orange skin – illustrating how make-up clogs up our pores. 

Dr Esho wrote: “Why I keep preaching to you all about make up wipes.”

He shared his recommended method for getting rid of make-up, adding: “Alternatively double cleanse using a cleanser or micellar water with for 60 seconds and try follow up makeup removal with moisture.”

More than a thousand people like the post, as they praised his demonstration.

One person said: “Wow when you put it like that. Defo hope you'll do more of these to educate us more.”

Another wrote: “Now that’s graphic!

A third commented: “Love this demonstration – literally makes my toes curl when clients say they use wipes.”

Someone else thought: “Amazing way to show.”

While this person added: “Brilliant! I'm always saying to ditch the face wipes.”

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