PIGEONS are a notorious pest that can be difficult to get out of the garden once they've made a home there.

Although they may seem harmless, these birds can cause damage to plants and eat crops if they decide to nest in the garden.

Not only that, but they can often leave droppings in the garden, which are an absolute pain to clean up.

Fortunately, a gardening expert has revealed some simple hacks to get pigeons moving along without causing them any harm.

Yolanda Vanveen, a sustainable gardener shared her top tips, and one might be hiding in your kitchen cupboard.

Yolanda said: "Now, pigeons are beautiful birds, but when you have many of them in your yard they can become quite a problem, especially if they start nesting in your attic or your trees or under the eaves in your house.


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"The best way to repel them is to just chase them with a hose, that’s probably the easiest way but that’s not a permanent solution.”

For a solution that lasts and deters them from coming back, Yolanda recommended using hot spices near where the birds nest.

“You need to find out where they’re nesting. If they’re nesting under the eaves or in a carport, you’ve got to make sure to use any type of hot spice like cayenne pepper or red hot chilli pepper and put it on the leaves or anywhere that they are hanging out," she explained.

You can also use pepper, cinnamon, or white vinegar to deter them alongside any other breed of bird.

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If you have any thin wire lying about, this can also work.

Attaching the wire onto the surface of a fence, balcony or roof, can deter them from landing on your property.

Make sure there is around three inches of space between each wire and there are no pointed or sharp edges that can harm them.

"Just nailing a wire all the way around wherever they’re sitting. They can’t sit there anymore and they will find somewhere else.” 

In the YouTube video, she added: “To repel pigeons is a challenge and the trick is to make sure they don’t have anywhere to sit. If they have nowhere to sit, they won’t hang out in your garden anymore.”

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