A LINGERIE whizz has revealed which style of bra to go for depending on how your boobs sit.

Finding the right bra is something more tricky than it should be – the straps suffocate you, the extreme padding makes the girls spill over the top… The problems are endless.

But according to one expert, Nicola Crook, it might have something to do with your boob type and choosing the wrong style of bra for them.

The lingerie whizz, who uses her social media platform to help ''women find great fitting bras'', took to TikTok to share her expertise.

Using a whiteboard and armed with numerous bras, Nicole explained which garment to opt for for the ultimate fit.

If you're someone with more saggy, pendulous breasts, the pro recommended choosing a bra that will give you full coverage or a sexy balconette.

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Those who've got something Nicole called the ''side set'' or ''East West'', with each of the girls pointing in an opposite direction, the stunner claimed a plunge neckline would work wonders.

Alternatively, you should also look for bras that come with built-in side support.

No boobs are ever perfectly even – and Nicole knows this too.

If you look at your breasts and find that they're asymmetric, the whizz advised to insert a little shaper on the smaller side.

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Where possible, buy a bra that provides full coverage and comes with a stretch lace along the top of the cups, Nicole said.

Many might find that their boobs have a bell shape – and if you're amongst them, then a balcony style bra is probably your best friend in the lingerie section.

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You can also opt for a plunge bra or again, a stretch lace on top of the two cups.

For people with a smaller set of boobs, Nicole advised to stick to a plunge bra with push-up padding to give them a more full appearance.

Last but not least, what if your girls are round?

Here, according to the expert, you should look for plunge, full coverage bras with a molded spacer in-between the cups.

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''Ever wondered why you have the right size but the bra still does not fit right?

''It is probably down to the shape you are choosing, may be wrong for your shape,'' she explained in the caption.

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