THE dos and don’ts of a street party include making sure all neighbours are invited and not devouring everyone else’s food when you’ve made minimal effort with your own.

Research of 2,000 adults also found ensuring music volume is appropriate depending on the time of day is important, as well as being prepared for what the great British weather has to offer by making sure most things in use are waterproof.

Making an effort with decorations such as bunting and balloons and taking into account dietary requirements also ranked highly in the do category.

However, blocking your street without permission was a big no-no.

Other don’ts to avoid on the big day include rowdy behaviour and bringing up a long-running disagreement with a neighbour.

While spending more time on your phone than talking to others and blocking other people’s driveways were also things to avoid.

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It also saw sandwiches top the list of snacks to serve at a street party for 41 per cent, with 37 per cent agreeing a street party wouldn’t be the same without them. 

Other must-have foods included sausage rolls (31 per cent), cake (30 per cent) and pizza (20 per cent).

Jonathan Warburton, chairman of Warburtons, which commissioned the research, said: “We’re excited to see people get together with their local community, share food and make memories to last a lifetime.

“Street parties are a great way to bring communities together, and it’s wonderful to see how many Brits will be spending more time with their neighbours to mark this momentous occasion up and down the country.

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‘’Food is the crown jewel of any celebration, and of course sandwiches remain a much-loved classic -and it’s no surprise that many people will be opting for iconic Coronation Chicken for this special occasion.“

The study also found half of those polled will still be making the iconic Coronation Chicken sandwich to mark the special occasion.

The best way to serve it was found to be on soft white bread, filled with chicken, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mayonnaise, mango chutney, ketchup, curry powder, salt and pepper.   

It also emerged 17 per cent – more than nine million – Brits are planning to attend a street party to celebrate the King’s Coronation, while the same number are still weighing up their plans for the occasion.

An average of 44 guests was seen as ideal number of people, and the event should last four hours, according to respondents.

While 61 per cent of those polled, via OnePoll, see a historic royal moment as a way to bring local communities together.


1.            Get permission to block roads

2.            Have a wide variety of food and drink on offer

3.           Invite all your neighbours

4.            Create an atmosphere appropriate for all ages

5.            Turn up with food to share or contribute

6.            Use waterproof items in case of bad weather

7.            Have the music volume at an appropriate level

8.            Ensure there are enough chairs for people to sit on

9.            Decorated with flags, bunting and balloons

10.         Have food options available for all dietary requirements


1.            Rowdy behaviour

2.            Litter

3.            Not cleaning up after yourself

4.            Blocking roads when you don’t have permission

5.            Blocking other people’s driveways

6.            Offending someone

7.            Bringing long-running disagreements with other neighbours to the table

8.            Drinking other people’s drinks and not offering anything in return

9.            Making little effort with your food contribution and helping yourself to everyone else’s

10.         Spending more time on your phone than talking to other people



1.            Soft white sliced loaf

2.            Wholemeal loaf

3.            Soft white roll

4.            Seeded loaf

5.            Farmhouse


1.            Chicken

2.            Chickpea

3.            Meat alternative

Fruit & veggies:

1.            Lettuce

2.            Cucumber

3.            Tomato

4.            Onion

5.            Sultanas

Spices & seasonings:

1.            Curry powder

2.            Pepper

3.            Salt

4.            Garam Masala

5.            Veggie / meat stock


1.            Mayo

2.            Mango chutney

3.            Ketchup

4.            Mustard

5.            Yogurt

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