MERCURY retrograde began on October 14 and will last until election night on November 3.

According to planetary alignments, Mercury’s movement can affect our communication, minds, technology, and travel plans. 

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What is Mercury retrograde?

Mercury’s apparent retrograde motion is when the planet looks as if it is orbiting “backward,” creating what looks like a loop before returning to their usual direction.

It is important to note that it is called apparent retrograde motion because the planet is not actually going backward in its orbit.

From Earth, it just looks that way because of the difference in orbit lengths.

When is Mercury retrograde?

This year, Mercury was in retrograde from February 17 to March 10, and from June 18 to July 12.

Luckily, last week marked the beginning of Mercury’s last retrograde.

Aside from Mercury’s apparent retrograde, other planets in our solar system apparently go through the same motion.

Currently, Mars, Neptune, and Uranus are in retrograde.

How many times is Mercury in retrograde?

Astrologers believe that Mercury is in retrograde three to four times a year.

The retrograde periods last about three weeks each time. 

What did people say about the retrograde?

Twitter users were not sure to celebrate the end of the retrograde or be concerned that it lasts through the night of election. 

One user tweeted: “of course it’ll be mercury retrograde thru the rest of the election. what else would we expect.”

“The Universe has a wicked sense of humor to have a Mercury Retrograde during an election, ya know?,” added another.

Some people urged their followers to take retrograde as an opportunity to vote for a change on election night. 

“Mercury retrograde on Election Day get those ballots in baby,” said a user. 

Another said: “mercury retrograde during the course of the election lowkey got me anxious about these voting methods.”

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