A CRAFTY mum decided to make her own dining table as she didn't want to fork out for another designer version. 

Hannah Ward explained she moved into her new home 18-months-ago, and brought their fancy dining table and chairs with them. 

But they didn’t fit with the house so she sold them, but she didn’t want to fork out for another expensive dining set again. 

Instead Hannah decided to make her own using bargains from Ikea, Amazon and B&Q – and says she and her family have so much more space. 

Hannah shared a snap of her project to Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, where more than 1,500 people have liked her post. 

Hannah, mum to 13-year-old Nathan, roped in her partner, Kyle Davies, to get the job done. 

Hannah’s DIY dining table

  • Kallax unit- Ikea- £45
  • Bekant table top- Ikea- £60
  • Drona storage boxes- Ikea- £3.50 each
  • Legs- Amazon- £11.99
  • Stools- B&Q- £42 for 2

Explaining how she created her bespoke dining table, Hannah told Fabulous Digital: “We moved house about 18 months ago and had bought a very expensive dining table and chairs from a local company. 

“The size and style just no longer fit what we wanted, so we sold it on Facebook. 

“We knew we liked the idea of a raised table with stools and just couldn’t find anything. 

“So I had a browse on Ikea, as their pricing is very good. Found the kallax unit and it just came to me, searched and found a top, then got some storage boxes and feet. 

“When it arrived we didn’t quite know how to secure the top, my partner remembered he had some small angle brackets in his tool box from when we built our outdoor seating, so we put three underneath on each side. 

“Final bit was just a 40 minute drive to b&q for some stools. 

“Has created so much space in our kitchen and has given us a space for entertaining (can turn it round to go against the wall) for parties. We love eating in the kitchen again.”

The home-made table was just one of the many projects Hannah completed over the last few months, as she was inspired to create more over lockdown. 

She added: “Since lockdown, we have been more inspired with creating our own spaces and doing the work ourselves. 

“We landscaped our entire garden too. It’s all been hard work while trying to fit it all around work too.”

Hundreds of people have praised her DIY skills online, saying: “Really impressive.”

Another wrote: “I love a good Ikea hack! Great stuff.” 

A third commented: “Awesome idea!!! Might pinch this idea myself.” 

While this person added: “Really clever, good idea.” 

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