WOULDN'T it be great if there was a fuss-free solution to ironing which meant we never had to do it again – and still have crisp crease-free bedsheets.

Well, according to one mum, there is, and it's super easy and completely free because all you need is water.

Aussie cleaning mad mum who goes by the name Mama Mila shared her genius hack on TikTok and revealed it's the easiest way to reduce wrinkles on your sheets.

In the clip, the mum demonstrates making her bed with a fresh sheet which has visible creases from the wash.

After laying the sheet flat across the bed, she says to use a spray bottle filled with water and spritz over the sheet – and continue to spray as you tuck in the edges.

In just seconds, the wrinkles start to disappear, and by the time you've finished making the bed you'll have perfectly smooth hotel-worthy bed sheets.

The hack is so good, in fact, that the sheets look like they've been carefully pressed, which often takes up SO much time.

Mila revealed that the trick is used in many hotels to save time on ironing and we can't believe we didn't know if this sooner.

This hack will eliminate the need to buy products and we bet it will work just as well on clothes too – making it a perfect solution for when you're stuck without an iron.

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