THERE'S more than enough stress involved in planning a wedding.

But one bride got more than she bargained for when she received an RSVP from someone who wasn't invited to her nuptials.

And not only that – she asked for a plus one!

Ahna took to TikTok to reveal the situation, explaining in a video: "Well, it finally happened.

"We had a guest RSVP for our wedding who wasn’t invited."

She explained that instead of using one of the official RSVP websites, she had to set up their own website and RSVP form to use for the wedding.

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"My fiancé does know her, so she’s not a complete random person, but she wasn’t invited," Ahna continued.

"My fiancé thinks she’s just doing it to troll him but I’m a little bit panicked – do we do a place setting for her?

"Do we email her and be like, ‘Actually you’re not coming’?"

"AND HER RSVP SAID SHE’S BRINGING A PLUS ONE," Ahna added in the video caption.

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She also said that it could be due to "general cultural differences", as she and her fiance are also having a Indian wedding.

"People don’t really RSVP in the same way, there are no place settings, people come and go – it’s a little bit more of a rotating wheel," she said.

"But no, our Canadian one is not like that."

"Thank her for wishing you well but remind her that since she wasn’t invited, you will not be able to honour her request to attend," one person commented on the video.

"Ohhh that is great wording!!!! Thank you!!" Ahna replied.

"I say give her her own table, smack dab in the middle with a spotlight on it and a guest of honour banner," another hilariously suggested.

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"It would make me giggle all night long."

"I'm stressed for u," a third admitted.

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