WHITE bridesmaid dresses have soared in popularity over recent years, but when one bride chose the colour for her own bridesmaid gowns, social media users couldn't tell who was who.

Posting on a wedding shaming group on Facebook, one user was confused over the all-white colour scheme.

She wrote: "My friend was a bridesmaid at her MIL's wedding and the bridesmaid dresses were white.

"She looked amazing, but, white?!"

In an image of the bride and bridesmaid stood together, one woman is wearing a lacy gown – made from what appears to be layers of white and blush pink tulle.

Meanwhile, the woman next to her is wearing a slinky, off-the-shoulder satin gown.

Both styles could certainly be mistaken for wedding gowns, leading users to question who was the bride and who was the bridesmaid.

One wrote: "At first I didn't know which one was the bride."

While another said: "Yea these clash badly. I'll be in red so I'm gonna have my bridesmaids wear white."

Others, however, pointed out that white bridesmaid dresses are not only a long-standing tradition, but they're currently one of the biggest wedding trends.

One wrote: "The original tradition was for bridesmaids to wear white" while another said: "White bridesmaid dresses are fine though."

Another explained: "I like the white for bridesmaids."

Others agreed if it was chosen by the bride then it shouldn't be an issue.

"I don't see a problem with it," wrote one.

"That's what the bride wanted, it's not like the bridesmaid purposely wore white to take away from the bride."

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