APRIL FOOL’S Day has arrived, and millions are set to play practical jokes on their unwitting loved ones.

Are you prepared? Don't panic, we've found some easy but hilarious pranks to carry out on your boyfriend if you need some inspiration.

April 1 is the perfect chance to pull off an elaborate prank at the expense of your loved ones.

Most people aim to complete their practical jokes before noon, but some people stretch it out for the day.

Here are some ideas to get you started…

1. Move the car

Whether your partner is driving to work or simply has the car outside, if you are allowed to drive it, you could sneakily move the vehicle down the road today, and standby to see their surprised reaction when it is not where they left it.

2. Swap Oreo filling for toothpaste

3. Cover everything in sight with foil

4. Fill donuts with mayonnaise

5. Cover a car in Post-it notes

6. Make sure your boyfriend gets his five-a-day

7. Cover their space in funny photos

This prankster chose pics of Nicholas Cage!

8. Leave them a healthy surprise in a box of donuts

9. An ice surprise

10. Sit comfortably with this toilet prank

11. The toffee apple trap

12. Everyone's worst nightmare

13. Ferrero No-Cher

Meanwhile, here are five hilarious jokes to play on your friends.

And these are the best April Fool’s Day memes for 2021.

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