NEWS: Bella Hadid's Curtain Bangs

Routine trims, stubborn cowlicks, and forehead breakouts are a few reasons why bangs are such a high-maintenance look. But curtain bangs, the long, center-parted fringe made famous by Brigitte Bardot, are the exception.

Given that curtain bangs are less work than blunt or baby bangs, they're the perfect option for anyone who's always wanted to try bangs, but needs something more low maintenance. And that's exactly they're trending on both TikTok and Pinterest.

This style is also the easiest way to grow out full-on fringe, because they can be blended seamlessly into the rest of your layers.

Take Bella Hadid's fresh face curtains for example. The supermodel low-key debuted a new hairstyle on Instagram just days before her 24th birthday. On top of adding bangs to her style, it looks like the model added extensions for extra length, too.

Hadid also tweaked her signature chocolate brown hair ahead of her birthday celebrations with some all-over chunky caramel highlights. Together, she's got a very '90s-inspired style.

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Like everyone else, celebrities have been finding solstice in nostalgia this year, whether it's through revisiting iconic classic TV shows, fashion trends, or vintage beauty moments. And Hadid is no exception.

So whether it's on or off the runway, we're here for all of Hadid's beauty experiments.

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